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The ten year obesity prevention framework, A Fitter Future for All 2012-2022, was launched in 9th March 2012. It takes a cross-sectoral, cross-departmental approach to preventing and addressing obesity through encouraging and supporting people to eat healthily and participate in physical activity...
The Eatwell Guide is a policy tool used to define government recommendations on eating healthily and achieving a balanced diet.
This booklet shows how parents and carers of primary school children can choose food from the different food groups to make sure their family is getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.
�What we eat every day has a big impact on our health - from the amount of energy we have when we get up in the morning to our risk of developing conditions like heart disease and cancer in the future. A healthy diet doesn��'t have to be boring or restrictive ��- we can still eat a wide range of...
What we eat affects our health. With just a few small changes to what we eat every day, we can help to protect against major illnesses, including some cancers. These changes can also give our health an extra boost.
Guidance on healthy breaks for schoolchildren. (Translations revised March 2014)
Leaflet for parents explaining why a healthy break is so important for pre-school children and some tips and ideas for healthy nutritious breaks.�
This booklet is designed to�improve pupils' nutrition and implement healthier eating and drinking practices. It contains�practical tips for parents, carers and children on how to pack an appetising, healthy lunchbox.
This publication details the nutritional standards for school lunches, to which all grant-aided schools must adhere. As well as explaining why the nutritional standards have been introduced, it offers practical advice on how to implement them.Nutritional standards for school lunches: a guide for...
School food: the essential guide contains a series of eight practical guidance booklets designed to help schools improve pupils' nutrition and implement healthier eating and drinking practices. The booklets provide advice and support for the key areas in which food, drinks and nutrition issues...