Understanding recovery from a family perspective: a survey of life in recovery for families.


The Life in Recovery survey asks substance users about their life experiences during active addiction and, subsequently, in recovery. This project adapted the Life in Recovery survey to capture the experiences of family members around recovering drinkers. During the design phase, half-day public involvement workshops were held in Sheffield and London, each attended by 30-40 people. Key findings â?¢ Family members are both a resource to support recovery, and people whose own lives can be transformed through recovery, and who will benefit from their family memberâ?Ts recovery journey. â?¢ Heavy and dependent drinking is associated with a range of secondary problems within families, including financial problems, mental health issues, problems at work and interpersonal violence. â?¢ â?~Recoveryâ?T journeys are experienced by families as a period of positive change, but also emotional challenge, and starting on this journey does not mean full or immediate reversal of the damage done. â?¢ Where recovery is successful, family members can experience significant improvements to quality of life and wellbeing, including reduced domestic conflict, less use of healthcare, and improved personal finances. â?¢ By comparison to successful recovery, relapse can lead to poorer physical and psychological health, and poorer quality of life for family members